Mattinata Attractions: Old Town, the abbey of Monte Sacro, archaeological site of Monte Saraceno, the museum, the shops.
To taste: the ice cream from Gabriellino or by Serafino and extra virgin olive oil
Vieste Attractions: Old Town, Pizzomunno, Vieste the FilmFest.
Peschici Attractions: Old Town, the trabucchi
To taste: The Gargano citrus fruits
Monte Sant'Angelo Things to see: the old town, Castle, St. Michael's cave, Tomb of Rothari, S. Maria Maggiore, the Abbey of Pulsano and hermitages Pulsanesi, the museum Tancredi.
To listen: folk music of Sammcaler, the Pacchianella, the Cantori di Monte, the Terranima, Dance of the Nova. La Coquette Band (Ska)
To taste: Bread, Caciocavallo Podolian (or homegrown) and the Hosts Piene and oil STAIN
Things to buy: the stone statues of St. Michael the Archangel local handmade
Manfredonia 30 min / 30 km
Things to see: the Castle, S. Maria di Siponto, Abbey of San Leonardo in Lama Volara, the Museum of Stele Daune (c / o the castle), the carnival.
To taste: the Farrate, the "ciambotta fish", buffalo mozzarella, fish in general
San Giovanni Rotondo 70 min / 60 km
To see: the new church and the tomb of Padre Pio (architect Renzo Piano), the convent
San Marco in Lamis 80 min / 70 km
To see: the sanctuary of Santa Maria di Stignano and S. Matthew
Carpino 80 min / 70 km
To listen: folk music of Cantori di Carpino
To taste: citrus fruits and beans
Things to buy: the wicker baskets and handcrafted embroideries of Carpino
Margherita di Savoia 60 min / 75 km
To see: Saline (the largest in Europe
Isole Tremiti Must see: boarding from Vieste and Manfredonia
Parco Nazionale del Gargano Attractions: Wet areas (from the mouth of Manfredonia Fortore) where you can admire and pink flamingos, storks and white-headed duck and the Foresta Umbra with its deer, roe deer, wild boar and the giant trees.
To taste: Citrus biological Gargano, the caciocavallo cheese, mozzarella di bufala